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5L Batch - Pale Ale

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5L Batch - Pale Ale
1kg Weyermnn Pale Ale
500g Weyermann Carahell
500g Weyermann Caraamber
100g Yakima Chief Cascade Hops
1 x 11.5g Fermentis US-05 (11.5g)

This recipe is perfect for out Simply Brewing process where you can brew beer at home using equipment that you already have in your kitchen, all you need is this recipe kit and 5 x 1L bottles of sparkling water.


Simply Brewing Part 1 -

Simply Brewing Part 2 -


  • In a 4L pot, heat 3L of water to 70C. Add your crushed grains and mash for 60min

  • Separate grains from the wort with a seive and rinse grains with a further 2L of water

  • Boil the wort for 30 min, adding 10g of USA Cascade at the beginning of the boil

  • After the boil, add 40 g of USA Cascade and a litre of cold water to cool the wort to below 60C

  • Strain the wort back into your five water bottles, leaving approximately 20% headspace

  • Let cool over night and the next morning split the yeast packet between the bottles and replace lid loosely to allow fermentation CO2 to escape

  • Ferment at room temperature for at least 5 days

  • After fermentation is complete, add 1 tsp (5g) of table sugar per bottle and seal the bottle

  • Allow to ferment for at least another 2 days, or until the bottles are firm and pressurised

  • Cool the beer for at least 12 hours, pour gently into a glass and enjoy!


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